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Have valuables?

We have many customers who have chosen not to leave the safety and security of their personal valuables up to the local banks. For these folks, we offer a wide-variety of safes and vaults at reasonable prices with quick delivery.

Perhaps you’re running a business and don’t have the time each day to run to the bank and deposit your daily income… well, we definitely think a safe or vault is a good solution for you.

Even if you have a safe, is it protected from fire, water or other damage from unforseen circumstances? If it isn’t or you’re not certain, give a call and we’ll have a look and see what you may need.

Are you a gun owner? If so, we certainly hope you’ve considered or have already purchased a gun safe to keep weaponry away from children and other people you wouldn’t want having access to your guns. If not, give us a call… we can come up with some options to meet your needs.


Need a safe for school? Click here for a solution!

How about a Fire Proof Safe?

Already have a safe?

Maybe you already have a safe but you’ve completely forgotten the combination and have no key.  No problem! We’ll get you into it and provide you with a new combination.

  • Stand-Alone Safes
  •  Wall Safes
  •  Floor Safes
  •  Gun Safes
  •  Fire Safes